“Collected” has been reviewed. Yay.

Oliver Arditi has this to say about “Collected”:

•(…) Whether a piece is directly structured around the development and transformation of timbre, as in the drone compositions collected here, or takes timbre as a compositional element within a more rhythmically structured context, this music takes sound quality as its central subject. (…) This is a fascinating and rewarding piece of work.•

Check out the full review on his lovely page, thanks!



Two quickies.

Two quickies I did. CCP will probably stay there since I had fun creating it and “finished” in an hour. On Anwers Come in Dreams I might work someday. This ones done in 2-3 hours so, of course, it’s not the best thing ever. Anyways, listen to it there and in the meantime I’m going to Asymmetry Festival in Wroclaw. Weedeater, Electric Wizard, Godflesh, Final… Sounds like a good weekend. Cheers.

New stuff coming your way soon

I know this place has been awfully quiet for a while (if you seek more updates – try following me on Facebook) but there was nothing “serious” to report. Anyways, I have a new EP in the works, so far 5 tracks done, should be out in a month or so.

I’ll be interviewed and will play some of my stuff on Monday on radiofonia.fm (click the leftmost orange button to listen)

Still struggling to print WRW, man, fuck printing places.


PS: a short snippet of new stuff is on my soundcloud

The voting has ended, Wounds in a movie, new stuff

Hey guys

The voting for Neuro Music Contest has ended and we managed to pull of a staggering 1323 votes! Thank you all for the support.

In other news – two of my tracks will be featured in a “drone musical, a movie about the struggle for perfection”. Yay! You can check out the trailer here:
The Earl Sessions from Ginnetta Correli on Vimeo.

A couple of days ago I posted a video on my Facebook page, it features some of the stuff I played at Ambient Park in August last year. I’m proud to say that I’ll probably be playing this year, maybe with some top class musicians, awesome.

I’ve had some trouble in my personal life but I promise that the physical release of Winter Remix Works is coming soon. And as a bonus it will contain a second disc filled with goodies!

Cheers y’all