Songs for Christmas 2011

Posted on 25/12/2011


It’s that time of the year again and this time, it’s WOUNDS-time! Aww yeah baby. I’ve made two very special, Christmas-oriented tracks for you guys. Get them after the break.

“The Field”

“The Field” is an exclusive track made for the annual Avalanche Christmas album. This year, as with the previous, it was curated by the main guy behind Terranean Recordings and my buddy – Lukas A. Lunden. The very talented people at Avalanchers created creepy, drony and haunting tracks, mostly ambient-dronish but you’ll find minimal-techno, dub, illbient and shoegaze in there too!

From WOUNDS you get a fluffy, glitchy drone that is designed to make you cozy, soothe your shattered nerves and make you go on a wonderful journey inside your brain and/or imagination. I’m quite proud of it and thinking about expanding the idea into an album but shhhh.



“Triumph” is a track exclusive for and their weekly podcast. This year I’ve been invited, something that made me vary anxious, nervous and all other sorts of -ouses. But, I’ve managed and cooked up the second-ever track from WOUNDS that uses my voice. Yay or nay? Whatever. This tracks is rather dark as I’ve focused on the idea of a saviour, whatever his name would be and in whatever religion he would be born in. We celebrate his coming but I thought about his “future”. He is born just to die. Kinda grim if you ask me.

Full playlist of the podcast:

You can download the podcast HERE or listen to it online HERE. (hint: my track comes in at the 16 minute mark) Or just listen here.

Cheers and happy Christmas,


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