Winter Remix Works released

Hello y’all,

Finally the day has come and I’m ready to release the album. I wouldn’t have done this myself so I thank all the people who participated and helped make this happen. So, without further ado I present you – Winter Remix Works. I’d be grateful if you’d spread the word since I’m shit with promotion;) Cheers

The idea behind Winter Remix Works came to me shortly after the release of the original – Winter Ambient Works (on Assonance Records) mainly because I was bored and annoyed with the album, but I still felt that something could be done with it. That’s when all the lovely people, mainly from the Avalanchers board, agreed to participate in the remix album. Finally my awful music would become listenable as it was worked on by the gifted people from England, Finland, France and Slovakia. Help with artwork came from Canada. I salute you all. Thank you for making this happen.

1. Idle (fragment. Remix) 06:16

2. Losing Focus (Version) 09:56

3. Stirred from the Ill Slumber (Light Overhead Mix) 09:47

4. Idle (Concrete/Field Himalayan Mix) 08:00

5. Dance of the Snowflakes (newmachine Remix) 11:43

6. Dance Dance Dance of the Snowflakes 03:18

Download here, for free of course


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